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6 Ways happiness helps employees do their best work

Happiness is important because it impacts your life experience. And your life experience impacts your ability to be your best so you can do your best work.

This is because:

1 happiness protects your heart

happiness predicts lower heart rate and blood pressure

heart disease risk can be 22 percent lower

Employees with a healthy heart can do their best work

2 happiness strengthens your immune system

Employees with a healthy immune system can do their best work

3 happiness combats stress

Employees with less stress, or better able to manage stress, can do their best work

4 happy people have fewer aches and pains

Employees with fewer aches and pains can do their best work

5 happiness combats disease and disability

Employees with lower risk of disease and disability can do their best work

6 happiness lengthens our lives

Employees with a longer life can do their best work for longer and enjoy more retirement time


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