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Marsrocket Employee Productivity, Happiness, and Creativity

The sky is no longer the limit, only our thinking is.

Space travel is receiving a tremendous boost from avid entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos. Elon's SpaceX has designed a rocked named BFR (Big F*cking Rocket).

So what is the BFI (Big F*cking Idea)? One way of looking at these out of this world entrepreneurs is that they want to take people higher, and keep them there.

Other visionaries are doing the same but with their employee's productivity, happiness, and creativity.

Take for example SimpliFlying, a company that with one simple idea increased its HPC scores:

Happiness up 25%

Productivity up 13%

Creativity up 33%

What: SimpliFlying CEO (Shashank Nigam) introduced a recurring mandatory vacation policy. And he made all employees take a full week of paid vacation every seven weeks. And they introduced a 'no vacation - no pay' policy meaning that if an employee contacted the office while on vacation — by any means — they didn’t get paid for that vacation time.

How: The CEO teamed up with happiness guru Neil Pasricha to devise the scheme. Some amendments were made with feedback and agreement from the team

Why: I reached out to Shashank and asked 'why?' He responded 'We did it because our earlier system of unlimited leave wasn't working. Some were taking too much time off. Some were not taking any time off.'

So the SimpliFlying experiment was an employee centric experiment that paid off very well for the employees and the business.

So consider what you can do in your business. Sometimes small ideas work. Sometimes BFI's work.

You can learn more from the SimpliFlying website

Other space intrepideurs are Robert Bigelow, Paul Allen, Naveen Jain, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt.