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Mindfulness at Work programme with Razeea.
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About Razeea

Founder and Chair of GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) Global Mindfulness Network

Member of The Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group.

Razeea has taught Mindfulness in over 50 different countries and has also had her work translated into 15 different languages. An experienced Master Coach in Mindfulness Razeea wants people all over the world to experience the power of Mindfulness for better business and a better society.  

Every week on Monday at 3:00 pm London time
All classes recorded so you can catch up or review at your convenience
Starts Monday, February 18, 2019
Eight 45-minute classes
Webinar format
Tuition: exclusive webinar offer £300

Engineer a better organisation. Transform your employees into productive, healthy, creative, happy people. 
They will love you for it.
And you'll thank yourself.

1. What You Will Get From This Course

In short, you will learn the “why,” “how” and "what" of Mindfulness in Business.

This course will help you bring substance, science, and insight to your organisation.

You will find out how to help your business create a common language, understanding of and platform for Mindfulness in Business. This will help your organisation to improve: well-being, happiness, productivity, employee engagement and experience, stress reduction, teamwork and collaboration, creativity and innovation and other business-critical challenges.

There’s no question you will emerge from this course as a stronger mindfulness practitioner – more confident, comfortable, and competent in working with and applying Mindfulness to your organisation.

2. Mindfulness Champions for greater productivity in the workplace


Today’s information-driven work environment is fast-paced and often ambiguous, with the lines between work and home becoming ever more blurred by each new productivity app.


We face a challenge.


On one hand, we have an exciting and complex work life, it’s hectic, dynamic, and filled with possibilities. On the other hand, we have a brain built for less stressful, simpler times. Thankfully, there are things we can do to better manage the challenges of today’s work life to stay ahead of the demands and responsibilities of our information-laden existence.  In this series, Razeea will share with you a number of techniques of how to bring mindfulness into your work environment. Razeea will cover workplace mindfulness techniques to improve your ability to deal with, and enhance your capabilities for, the following aspects of the modern high-pressure workplace: Emails, Meetings, Goals, Priorities, Planning, Communication, Creativity and Change.


For the first time, the latest concepts, research, and practices of Mindfulness in Business come to life in an 8-week course. 

  • Did you know that Mindful Champions in Business have been shown in many extremely successful businesses to be linked, hand-in-hand, with numerous positive outcomes?  Higher well-being, increased purpose, improved values understanding, improved culture, better employee engagement and experience, improved coping and reduced stress, greater teamwork and collaboration, better creativity and innovation, to name a few.

  • Did you know that seemingly countless practitioners around the globe and across the fields of coaching, counselling, business improvement, and corporate health, are applying the principles of Mindful Leadership in Business to help the well-being of employees, the business and other stakeholders?

  • Razeea is going to unearth what these pioneers are doing!


This course is founded on concrete science and practice. We will explore the central concepts, research, and practical elements involving Mindfulness in Business.



These are a handful of the topics we will cover:

  • What are the absolute, latest scientific Mindfulness findings and their applications for business well-being, productivity, employee engagement and experience, stress reduction, teamwork and collaboration, creativity and innovation and other business-critical challenges?

  • How to apply these findings for well-being, productivity, employee engagement and experience, stress reduction, teamwork and collaboration, creativity and innovation and other business-critical challenges. Most of the series time is spent on How to do this in your organisation.  

  • Why Mindfulness in Business? What is Mindfulness in Business, and why has it caught the imagination of innovative organisations?

  • Why Mindfulness helps individuals and teams cope with stress and mental health challenges.

  • How Mindfulness is suitable for all types of organisations, large and small, not-for-profit or for-profit, government. Mindfulness helps politicians, salespeople, nurses, carers, doctors, drivers, construction workers, chief executives, team leaders, managers, directors...

  • How to make Mindfulness sustainable over time.



This Master Class will explore these questions to help you understand and apply Mindfulness to your business or, if you are a coach, with your clients.


Each week you will experience:

  • Razeea's experience and in-depth knowledge as she guides the class through the benefits and practical processes of Mindfulness in Business;

  • Successful, practical application examples;

  • Articles/handouts/videos;

  • The latest research;

  • The opportunity to practice; and

  • An opportunity to ask Razeea questions.

No matter who you are, you will learn new content, find new opportunities, experience Mindful practices, and understand how to start applying this work immediately to help your business and clients.



3. Programme for The Eight Weeks


Week 1: Mindfulness and emails.

emails are one of the greatest causes of lost productivity. Learn how Mindfulness can overcome the challenge emails pose to individuals and the organisation.   


Week 2: Meetings and Mindfulness

How Mindfulness can significantly impact the outcome quality of meetings as well as make them shorter and less stressful.


Week 3: Goals and Mindfulness.

We show you Mindfulness tools and processes that help improve goal setting and goal achievement.


Week 4: Priorities and Mindfulness.

Learn how to determine priorities through Mindfulness and how priorities can be seen as a challenge and not a threat so helping to overcome the stress related to deadlines and conflicting priorities.


Week 5: Planning and Mindfulness.

Priorities, goals, meetings and emails are centred around Mindfulness. Learn the art and science of Mindfulness in planning and achieve better planning with less stress.


Week 6: Communication and Mindfulness.

Communication is key to organisational success. It is vital that communication is done in a means that is clear for both sender and receiver. Learn how mindfulness can significantly improve communication of vital ideas, creativity, innovation, plans, and challenges so that opportunities can be maximised and threats minimised. 


Week 7: Creativity and Mindfulness.

Creativity is the new Capital for organisations. We have seen how Apple out-created BlackBerry.  How political outcomes can be decided by creative social media campaigns. Mindfulness can provide a tremendous boost to creativity. Learn how organisations and people are mastering Mindfulness to enhance their futures.


Week 8: Change and Mindfulness.

Change can be stressful. But change is ever present. Learn how Mindfulness can help an organisation and people approach the challenge of change, to lessen the stress associated with change.  

4. Schedule for The Eight Weeks


Mindfulness at Work Master Classes

Eight 45 minute Sessions

Mondays at 3pm London time



1st Session - February 18, 2019

2nd Session - February 25, 2019

3rd Session - March 4, 2019



Two week practice break


4th Session - March 25, 2019

5th Session - April 1, 2019

6th Session - April 8, 2019

7th Session - April 15, 2019

8th Session - April 22, 2019