Organisation Culture Diagnostics

Your Culture is the Soul of Your Organisation.
It governs everything, including: how people interact with one another, with customers, with
suppliers; how leadership is perceived, how hierarchies actually work every day; how decisions are
made; how leaders and employees engage with their work; ultimately, the success of your business.
Too few organisations recognise the significance of culture in determining their business success.
Too many so-called “change” initiatives fail because they focus on superficial interactions rather
than getting to the core of the challenges facing the organisation – and these challenges are usually
far more complex than initially appears.
Every organisation contains complex dynamic webs of invisible patterns that determine its culture.
Culture Transformation involves changing these patterns. First, it’s necessary to discover them.

cultureQs® Organisation Culture Diagnostics is an appraisal of the underlying patterns that constitute your company or organisation.
The Diagnostic consists of a series of structured yet free-flowing interviews with key leaders and
employees. All interviews are confidential: the report contains no individual attribution of perspectives.
Interviews enable us to build an environment of trust with interviewees, ask deep Questions,
experience emotions, clarify meaning, resulting in a quality of response otherwise unattainable.


How you Benefit from this Diagnostic

You get ...
• A clear picture of the patterns that underlie the interactions in your company
• Indications of the source of these patterns
• A summary of the significant paradoxes (there are always paradoxes) to help you make
   sense of what is really happening
• Your significant Questions looking forward to the future
• Recommendations for addressing the issues uncovered
• A Leadership Briefing to clarify open Questions and consider appropriate next steps.

The path to Your Desired Future is now visible ...

What people say at the end of the interview:
We need to be sure, explicitly, about the culture we want.
With this conversation, I’ll be much more open for the Leadership Workshop. I appreciate that we
can speak openly. Things look promising.
This is the first time at our company I’ve been through the three phases of frustrations,