Mindfulness @ Work 
iharmonizer is proud to announce a new, cutting-edge master class.

Mindfulness @ Work 

A webinar with

Razeea Lemaignen

The Mindful Champion in Business Master Class
Learning Mindfulness so you can be your best and help your colleagues and friends to be happier, more creative and productive.

A Webinar with Razeea Lemaignen

Founder and Chair of GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) Global Mindfulness Network and member of The Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group. Razeea has presented to business leaders and academics at Harvard and Oxford Universities.  With her international demand Razeea has also had her work translated into 15 different languages. An experienced Master Coach in Mindfulness Razeea wants people all over the world to experience the power of Mindfulness for better business and a better society.  


Fridays at 3:00 pm London Time

Starts Friday, May 3, 2019
Eight 45-minute master classes
Webinar format
All classes recorded for your convenience

Introduction session is free

Full series Tuition £500

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1. About This Class

For the first time, the latest concepts, research, and practices of Mindfulness in Business come to life in an 8-week course. 

  • Did you know that Mindfulness has been shown in many organisations to be linked with numerous positive outcomes?  Higher well-being, improved culture, better employee engagement and experience, improved resilience and reduced stress, greater teamwork and collaboration, better creativity, planning, goal achievement, priority management, communication, change management, to name but a few.

  • Did you know that seemingly countless practitioners around the globe and across the fields of coaching, counselling, business improvement, and corporate health, are applying the principles of Mindfulness @ Work to help the well-being of employees and business results?

  • Razeea is going to unearth what the pioneers are doing!


This course is founded on concrete science and practice. We will explore the central concepts, research, and practical elements of Mindfulness @ Work.

These are a handful of the topics we will cover:

  • Why Mindfulness @ Work? What is it, where did it come from and how do we gain the best advantage from it?

  • What can be done in my organisation?

  • What are the common pitfalls businesses face in the Mindfulness quest, and how can they be overcome? Is Mindfulness a CEO responsibility or does it belong to HR or is it an organic process?

  • How successful companies like Google, Blackrock, and SAP as well as small companies use Mindfulness @ Work to improve their employee and business wellbeing, happiness, creativity and productivity. Learn the process that Razeea follows?

  • What are the absolute, latest scientific findings and their applications for business well-being, culture, employee engagement and experience, stress reduction, teamwork and collaboration, creativity, productive meetings, goal setting, communication, planning and other business-critical challenges?

  • What makes Mindfulness sustainable over time?


This Master Class will explore these questions through 8 sessions to help you understand and apply Mindfulness @ Work in your organisation or with your clients.


Each week you will benefit from:

  • Razeea's experience and in-depth knowledge as she guides the class through the practical processes of the Mindful Champions as she does at GSK,

  • A spotlight on research-based interventions (with a “how to” deliver it),

  • Practical examples,

  • Recommended reading,

  • The latest research through the present day, and

  • An opportunity to ask Razeea questions.

No matter who you are, you will learn new content, find new opportunities, experience Mindful practices, and understand how to start applying this work today to help your organisation and clients immediately.

2. What Will You Get Out of This Course?

In short, you will learn the “why,” “how” and "what" of becoming a Mindfulness @ Work.

This course will help you bring substance, science, and insight to your Mindfulness approach.

You can help your organisation create a common language, understanding of and platform for Mindfulness.

Help your organisation to improve: well-being, and experience stress reduction, better teamwork and collaboration, creativity, planning, goal setting, communication and other business-critical challenges.

There’s no question you will emerge from this course as a stronger practitioner – more confident, comfortable, and competent in working with and applying the Mindfulness @ Work.

3. The Eight Weeks

Week 1: Mindfulness and emails.

The biggest productivity drain? How often do people check email? A few times a day? Hourly? Every time their phone buzzes or lights up? Each time is a distraction from a productive task. Learn how Mindfulness helps manage email. 


Week 2: Mindfulness and meetings.

Studies have shown that managers and executives estimate between 25 % and 50 % of time spent in meetings to be wasted. Learn how Mindfulness can help everyone: 

• improve focus during a meeting

• be more aware of and overcome distractions

• develop the clarity necessary to make good, in the moment decisions


Week 3: Goals.

Everyone has Goals, Personal goals & Professional goals. Understanding how our mind works helps with goals. When it comes to maintaining clear goals, it’s important to manage both our conscious mind and our subconscious processes. Learn how Mindful Goal Setting helps achieve goals.


Week 4: Priorities.

Not all goals are created equal! Learn how to prioritise which goals are most important. When applied to priorities, mindfulness can help us declutter our minds and focus. Learn how people can gain more mental freedom and strength in work (and everything else).


Week 5: Planning.

We are constant planners, overloaded with information, the mind often on autopilot, planning, planning, planning... Automatic, unfocused planning is the result of an untrained mind. Learn how to train the mind to achieve focused planning.


Week 6: Communication.

Only by being mindfully present in our interactions with other people can we be sure to understand what’s actually been communicated. Learn the fundamental neurological tendencies of the human mind that create barriers to effective communication and how to overcome these barriers. Learn how to tame the wandering mind and become openly aware enough to overcome our habitual perception and cognitive rigidity for peak performance in the now. 


Week 7: Creativity.

Without creative and innovative ideas, the chances of an organisation being successful in the long term are not good. Yet being creative and innovative is getting more and more difficult! 

Researcher Kyung Hee Kim at the College of William & Mary analysed 300,000 creativity test scores of both children and adults taken over the past 50 years. What Kim found was that creativity scores peaked in 1990 and then started to steadily decline.

Discover what stops us from thinking creatively and how to overcome these barriers and how we can tap into our creative mind.


Week 8: Change (Transformation) 

Scientists estimate that 95% of our behaviours are based on habit. In other words, only 5% of what we do is based on conscious choice. Learn how Mindfulness can be a powerful change management tool helping to avoid the picture below.




change announcement.png

4. Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for any person who wants to make a workplace better. This includes leaders, managers, employees, entrepreneurs, human resource partners, training and development practitioners, life coaches, health and wellness coaches, executive coaches, consultants, change agents, business advisors, teachers, venture capitalists, merger and acquisition specialists...  This Master Class is for all those who seek evidence-based paths toward a better business and personal health and happiness, whether for themselves or for those with whom they work. 

5. Your Private Master Class Webpage


You will receive access to a password-protected class webpage that will be your home on the web for this Master Class. In advance of each session, we’ll post the PowerPoints, relevant articles, videos and blog entries. Then, after each session, we’ll post the recording from that Master Class.

You can also post comments and questions for Richard and the class. 


Real-time Questions During Class. You can submit your questions via email during the class. Richard will typically respond to these questions in the last ten minutes of the class.  You can also send Richard questions between classes.



Should you be unable to join a particular Master Class, you’ll have the recording, PowerPoints, relevant articles, videos and blog entries, and you won’t miss out. For some Master Classes, some participants listened to the entire class by recording. We anticipate that a number of participants from different time zones may decide to experience the class entirely by recording, still emailing in questions between classes.


How can you access the Master Class live?  You’ll have full information on how to connect with the webinar on your computer or other device (iPad, iPhone, etc).  Or you can simply join the class telephone number by Skype.





6. Class Time


3:00-4:00 pm London

7.  The Class Schedule

Mindfulness @ Work Master Class
Eight 40 minute Sessions
Starts Friday, 3 May, 2019

8. What People Are Saying About Razeea*

I am a long-term employee and have taken a fair amount of training in the past, these sessions made the biggest impact on me professionally and personally over my career.  Thank you.


Better sleep, improved ability to handle stressful situations.


This is a fabulous resource, appreciate Razeea's expertise and approach - love the short teaching upfront and then the mindfulness time. One of the best programs I've participated in very grateful to have this available, helps me be more productive and present in my role.


This not only helps with resilience in my work life but my personal life as well.


These sessions are always informative and include useful information that helps me to calmly managed my responsibilities, instead of becoming reactive.


For me, this course is the most valuable of all the courses proposed by the company.


Is a tool that I can use any time, at work, at home, in my car. Help me to visualize things and to deal with pressure or negative thinkings. THANK YOU so much. I look forward to the next sessions.


Thank you so much for these invaluable classes, they have offered the opportunity to stop and become mindful during the week, although I am a regular meditator and practice each day, have thoroughly enjoyed practising with the group and regaining balance and perspective.  Wonderful, continue the great work :)


These sessions are a real value-add. They facilitate focus, concentration and relaxation, the ability to refresh & reboot. Each one offers a specific insight and altogether, these build a powerful, pragmatic whole that can be used at all times of the day and night, at work and at home.


Allowed me to put negative situations and stress in perspective and be more resilient.


Has helped me to be aware of the moment and to let go. It has helped a lot in dealing with my personal life. It has definitely made me bounce back after a stressful situation and dealing with conflicts.


I am  Health and Safety rep for my team and I am very much looking forward to passing on what I have learned, I will be recommending this class to the team and look forward to the next ones starting.


I attend these sessions every time they are offered and each time I find I take away something new.


The instructor, Razeea, was an excellent guide and teacher.  She has a very nice vocal quality for the exercises she leads.


I'm so happy to see our organisation making an investment in these mindfulness classes for their employees. It was really something I looked forward to every week and was a time where I could reinvigorate myself to make it through the rest of the workday.  In the jobs we work in at in our organisation there often is a lot of stress that goes along with it, so to have a safe space where we can reflect and learn skills to help us relax and learn to properly deal with the stress is wonderful and something that our organisation should continue to invest in.  These seminars and the teacher were extremely valuable.


9. Refund Policy

You may withdraw from the programme at any time before the beginning of the second session on January 24, 2019 and receive a full refund. You are responsible for the full tuition amount if you do not withdraw before the beginning of the second session.

10. About Richard Horner

Richard Horner is a leading figure in the research and application of Champions in Business. His research is based on the scientific findings of over 150 published research projects, many interviews and the practical application of the principles. Richard is the author of the new book 'The Business Happiness Canvas. How employees can become extraordinary people and help build a great business.'




Contributors to 'The Business Happiness Canvas' include Jim Kavanaugh, CEO of World Wide Technologies (more than 5,000 employees and over $10 billion in revenue), Gabe Newell, co-founder of video game company Valve Corporation ($4.3bn revenue), Adam Raelson, Global Employer Brand Executive, SAP, Shawn Achor, author and speaker on positive psychology, David Novak, former CEO of Yum! Brands amongst others. 


Richard is passionate about the connection between Champions in Business and human health and wellbeing and business productivity and profitability. 


Richard lives with his partner in London

Retired coffee addict

Rugby fan

Activated Carbon admirer

Avid researcher and reader 

Richard's typical day starts with 22 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training, 18 minutes of Meditation followed by a glass of celery juice! And that gets the buzz going!