The Business Happiness Canvas

Simple to learn and practical to apply. The Business Happiness Canvas has been used worldwide to help people be their best so that they can do their best work. 

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The Business Happiness Canvas helps employees to find Opportunities that they can master so

they can be their best selves, so

they can do their best work.

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How do businesses discover Opportunities to help their people to be their best so they can do their best work?

Until now this has been a fairly ad hoc process for many companies. They have stumbled across opportunities, usually by someone in the business asking, sometimes begging, for a particular Opportunity that they think will help them and their colleagues to be healthier, more focused, faster, more accurate, smarter....

Sometimes these ideas are really good and backed by scientific evidence. Sometimes they are wishful thinking driven by self-interest.


Either way it helps to have a handy tool or two to help discover Opportunities. 


The Business Happiness Canvas is one of those really useful tools. We use the term ‘Happiness’ to describe being your best self.


The Business Happiness Canvas is a tool that businesses use to help their people to discover opportunities be their best so they can do their best work. The advantage of this tool is that it helps people to talk about happiness and being their best selves. It helps build a common language and understanding and acts as a platform for people to work together on bringing their A game. The Business happiness Canvas also helps build common bonds and encourages friendships throughout the business.