Do you want your people to be their best, so
they can perform their best at work, so
they can build a great business?
Watch the video to find out how.
How does The Business Happiness Canvas work?
To create a great culture where employees love the business and, as a result, customers love the business, so the business, employees and investors all flourish you should watch the video .
The Framework of Champions makes a dramatic difference to a business:
300% higher growth rates, 17% better financial performance
and shows results inside a month:
72% of people reporting less stress, 68% were better able to manage themselves, 66% reporting improved focus, better decision making and increased resilience, 59% reporting better team relationships.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

We help businesses create Champions.
Champions build better businesses
with a 200%
Return on Investment

Use our Guide, platform and services to create Champions who will help your people to perform at their best, create better customer experiences, and grow your business.

Try our webinars to clearly understand how to boost employee engagement and help your people perform at their best, create better customer experiences, and grow your business.

The greatest companies gain powerful competitive advantage by creating Champions who:
  • positively influence the culture of the business,
  • increase employee wellbeing,
  • help people to better manage stress,
  • improve prosocial behaviours and teamwork,
  • improve productivity,
  • deepen customer relationships and increase sales,
  • attract and retain talent, 
  • boost creativity and innovation,
  • gain passion for the Purpose and Values,
  • help employees find Meaning in work,
  • improve employee engagement and experience
We studied the great companies and codified their evolutionary processes into an intelligent design process. Our Intelligent design process builds Champions. Champions are the future of business. 

As Cole Porter almost put it:

Google does it, SAP does it,
Even little companies do it,
Let’s do it, let’s get a Champion



"I have worked with Richard for several years now. He has a wonderful knowledge of Employee Engagement and was my automatic choice to help our board and senior management with their understanding of how to improve the Employee Engagement across our business. We see Employee Engagement as being an important part of the future of our business, not just for our employees but for our customers too.

Stephen Davies, CEO, Penderyn Distillery 


Penderyn Distillery produces award-winning single malt whiskies and spirits in the foothills of the magnificent Brecon Beacons in South Wales."


The Business Happiness Canvas combines theory and international business practices in an innovative and accessible way. Providing reflective exercises and discussion points it guides the reader, student or professional, through individual and group activities designed to build happier, more creative business environments.'

Dr Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, HEA National Teaching Fellow, Course Leader BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing, London College of Fashion



Richard is a brilliant and knowledgeable person, he has given me some great advice helping me to build an environment that allows our team to flourish, his book combines his years of work and puts it into a fantastic guide for any team.

Thomas Fudge, WASE, Founder | Chief Executive Officer


"The Business Happiness Canvas is not only a real dip-in toolkit for creating more successful businesses but a handbook for contentment in life.  Richard Horner creates balanced, well-researched reasons why we should pursue positivity, communicating effortlessly and with an infectious warmth.  What’s not to like?"

John Likeman, MD, GwylanUK


“We both enjoyed your presentation immensely and took a lot out of it.” Mike Davies, HR Director, Castell Howell.


“I really enjoyed the style in which you delivered the presentation, and the authenticity of the evidence-based facts and there were so many valuable tips.” Jim Giles, Business Development Manager.


"It was a pleasure attending the session. It was well worthwhile as there were some great concepts we can immediately apply for our Employee Experience." Neil Williams, MD


"I found the workshop to be engaging and informative and came away with a clear understanding of the Employee Experience and just how easy it can be to implement." Andrew Jones, Director

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